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Authors should submit three copies of their papers to the address given below. In the cover letter please specify the broad field to which the paper belongs: (1) Natural Sciences (3) Electronics and Communication Engineering (4) Computer Engineering (5) Civil Engineering (6) Architecture

Submission Criteria

The journal accepts and publishes the academic papers that meet the following criteria:

  1. The paper contains hitherto unpublished original material of sufficient value and interest to the practitioners and researchers of the relevant field.
  2. The paper is concise with clear account of the research work.
  3. The paper includes detail of the work and reference to source of information sufficient to permit the reader to reproduce the work or verify the accuracy of the information given in the paper.
  4. Manuscript submitted should not be copyrighted nor being submitted or accepted anywhere else.
  5. Plagiarism in any form is not allowed, the authors should be responsible for their papers themselves seriously.
Preparation of Manuscript

The manuscript will follow the format described below in Manuscript Format Guidelines.
The manuscript should have a short and succinct title, a concise abstract with keywords.
The main body of the text will have a good introduction of the paper at the beginning. Simple language, short sentences and good use of section headings help to communicate information more effectively. Figures are important in aiding the clarity of the paper.

Manuscript Format Guidelines

Type area: The manuscript should be printed in A4 size paper with 25 mm margin on top and bottom and 20 mm on right and left.
Script: The manuscript must use Times Roman of 10.5 font size in English.
Adjust line spacing to accommodate 50 lines in the page. Hand written manuscripts will not be accepted.
Number all pages starting with the title page.
Length: Papers should not exceed 8 page length including figures, tables, endnotes and references.
Title Page: The first page must contain the title of the paper, author full name (s), affiliation (s),position (s) and contact author’s name, position, affiliation and mailing address, phone and fax numbers and email address.
Authors are encouraged to refer the JScE manuscript template for manuscript preparation which is available at JScE INTRODUCTION page—INSTRUCTION TO AUTHORS

Abstract and Keywords: An abstract and keywords should be included in the title page. The abstract should not exceed 200 words and must précis the paper giving clear conclusion. Keywords of up to five words must be carefully selected to facilitate reader’s search.

Major Sections and Headings: The paper should include the following major sections in addition to the main body of the text:

  • Introduction: Describe the motivation and purpose of the research.
  • Methodology: Provide sufficient information to allow readers to repeat the work.
  • Conclusions: State conclusions precisely without elaboration.
  • Acknowledgements: Recognize any advisory and financial help, and major assisting works in the paper. The section headings will indicate hierarchy levels such as 2, 2.1, 2.1.1. Hierarchy of more than three is not preferred.

References: References in the text should be quoted in the following manner: Gurung (1985) or (Majpuria and Shrestha, 1994), or if there are more than two authors, (Pokharel et al., 2002). All the references should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by the first author’s surname. The style should follow the example below:
Darnal, P., 2008. Reconnaissance of Caves in Upper Lo Mustang. Ancient Nepal, No. 166, pp 1-31.

Endnotes: A limited number of explanatory notes are permissible. These should be numbered 1, 2, 3 consecutively in the text and denote by superscripts. Endnotes should be listed at the end of the paper with numbers linked to those in the text.

Measurements: International system of units (SI) should be used. If other units are used, equivalents should be given in parenthesis.

Tables: Insert tables in the text and number them consecutively in Arabic numerals, eg., Table 1,Table 2.

Figures: Insert the figures in the text and arrange them consecutively in Arabic numerals, eg., Fig 1, Fig 2. Original figures should be included in the final submission. Make sure all type face in the figure is legible when reduced to the size for publication.

Reviewing Procedure

The Chief Editor assigns the manuscript to one of the Field Editors. When judging it qualified for refereeing process, the Field Editor identifies one referee who is an acknowledged expert in the concerned subject matter. JScE will use a double blind referee process. The referee name will remain anonymous, while the authors’ name will remain anonymous to the referee. The Field Editor will then report referee’s evaluation to the Chief Editor which will be taken in the Editorial Board. Only the papers that receive favorable evaluation from the referee will be accepted for publication. To safeguard the authors’ work, the editorial board and referees will keep all information contained in the manuscript confidential until it is published.

Acceptance Criteria

The paper will be peer reviewed. The reviewed and accepted paper will be sent for publication.

Submission of accepted manuscript

For final publication, the contact author should submit the JScE publication department package containing following material.

  1. An electronic copy of final manuscript. The preferred format is Ms Word.
  2. The photographs should be of good resolution and at least two times the size of the final publication.
  3. A hard copy of the final manuscript on A4-size paper. The copy should match with the electronic version above.
  4. For each accepted paper, the author will sign a copyright transfer agreement form.

Proofs will be sent to contact author for correction. This should be checked and returned as soon as possible. No alteration in the content to the original text is accepted.

Our aim is rapid publication. The authors are requested to follow the above instructions to expedite the journal publication process.

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